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Strengthening educational institutions in the Global South

Cooperation with the University of Khartoum

Since 2017, the University of Khartoum and IHE Delft jointly organise annual workshops on ‘Water Cooperation and Diplomacy in the Nile Basin’. These workshops bring together policy makers, diplomats and scientists from Sudan and other Nile Basin countries. The latest insights into water cooperation and diplomacy in that basin are shared through lectures by experts from the basin and beyond as well as through interactive methods like role plays. 

Universities Partnership for Water Cooperation and Diplomacy (UPWCD)

IHE Delft is a core partner of the Universities Partnership for Water Cooperation and Diplomacy (UPWCD). The network promotes mutual learning, joint conferences and educational activities. By supporting this network, the DUPC2 Water Diplomacy project fosters sharing and connecting knowledge and ensure that voices and perspectives from different regions of the world are included in academic debates. A joint article that outlines the vision and mission of the UPWCD has been published in the International Journal of Water Resources Development.

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Cooperation with the German-Kazakh University in Kazakhstan


In the framework of the Universities Partnership for Water Cooperation and Diplomacy (UPWCD), IHE Delft since 2020 delivers annually a two week module on Water Governance and Cooperation for students at the German-Kazakh University in Almaty. Throughout the course, students are able to gain knowledge on the main issues and challenges related to water governance in Central Asia at local, national and regional level. They learn to critically discuss and assess the academic literature as well as policy recommendations on water governance, and apply tools for analyzing and assessing water governance and cooperation. The module is an integral part of the regional master programme IWRM in Central Asia aimed at strengthening water-related interdisciplinary knowledge in the region and contributing to regional cooperation in the basin of the Aral Sea.

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