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IHE Delft defines water diplomacy as the facilitation of cooperation between states on shared water resources and the prevention and resolution of water related conflicts. Successful water diplomacy has the potential to foster cooperation, also beyond the water sector, thus contributing to regional security and stability. In order to contribute to the establishment and advancement of joint water governance arrangements to realize equitable and sustainable outcomes, the objectives of IHE Delft’s DUPC2 water diplomacy programme are as follows:

  • Strengthening capacities, in particular among (water) diplomacy practitioners and water experts in the Global South, in applying relevant tools of water diplomacy in order to contribute to the peaceful settlement and/or prevention of water-related conflicts.

  • Increasing the understanding and critical awareness, among practitioners, researchers and funders, about the mechanisms, practices and contexts that support or limit the effectiveness of water diplomacy.

  • Furthering the scientific substantiation of the political as well as academic discourses on water cooperation and diplomacy and ensuring the inclusion of multiple perspectives, specifically connecting and strengthening research and knowledge from the Global South.

  • Further develop the educational curriculum on water cooperation and diplomacy at IHE Delft as well as partner institutions in the Global South.

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